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Our approach is to understand every films DNA before designing the trailer that captures the imagination of the audience it’s designed for. We’re passionate about great ideas, devoted to communicating the most compelling story and love getting audiences excited.

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Movie Trailer Production Company

Completing a motion picture is actually just the first step in achieving success. To really experience the full rewards for your effort, you need an audience. In turn, once an audience is created you can then receive actual payment plus the opportunity for your film to receive the critical acclaim it deserves.

The Solid State is different from other film marketing companies in Australia. We are experts in movie marketing, creating effective film marketing campaigns that generate strong positive results for our clients.

The secret of effective film marketing

Are you ready for this? The secret other movie marketing companies don’t want you to know is that there is no secret. In truth, all you need to attract audiences to watch your movie is a bit of common sense and an excellent grasp of motivational psychology.

Building a campaign involves a number of things. The most fundamental of these is the creation of your film trailer advertising. This is what has the most potential to make a strong first impression with movie audiences and television viewers.

That should be reinforced with effective poster design and billboard placement (including advertisements on public transport). Finally the whole effort is underscored with media releases, promotional activities, and (ideally) celebrity guest appearances on talk shows.

Leveraging the power of social media and image boards, it is possible to more rapidly build momentum than could previously be achieved.

The formula is simple, and just gets repeated in a cyclic fashion until everyone has heard about your project. Create content, get people talking about it, encourage virality, and repeat.

Why choosing The Solid State is a smart move

Our team is a high level film marketing agency with experience in every aspect of marketing films. We know how to create amazing movie trailers that reach out to audiences and make an emotional connection with them.

Creating the most compelling trailers is the first step in our process, and it’s something we’re exceptionally good at. With skilled editors and producers working on making the trailer for you, there is already good reason for you to feel confident. When you consider also their mastery of motivational psychology, you can actually afford to relax.

The trailers we create are designed carefully to instil a strong sense of anticipation in the audience. They will not only desire to see your film, but they’ll feel impatient to see it. This is what separates the very best movie trailers from the rest.

After you have the perfect movie trailer for promoting your work, it will become the centrepiece of our wider promotional campaign.

We will design the rest of the campaign to fit within your marketing budget and generate as much buzz as possible before your film makes its long-awaited premiere.

“Be all you can be” used to be the recruiting slogan for the US Army, and it’s a guiding principle we apply in the way we conduct our business, and also what we do for our clients. We make sure their marketing campaign is every bit as good as it possibly can be. We don’t settle for anything less than perfection.

When you entrust the successful launch of your product to the The Solid State team, you will have given your film the best chance of attracting attention and building an audience. From there, the only way is up.

At The Solid State, we tell stories that build audiences. We specialise in trailer production, film promotion, film marketing and movie trailer editing & producing.

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The Solid State is a one-stop-shop for filmmakers and distributors, offering services from Script to Screen because you’re always pitching your project. At ideation to financiers, Pre-production to directors, cast and crew and finally to audiences to get their bums on seats!






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