August 11, 2017

All of my life I have lived by the ocean. I have been a surfer, a sailor, a swimmer. Salt water has been my constant. But my relationship with the ocean has changed profoundly while making the film Blue.

I chose to tell the ocean’s story through every-day people who aren’t celebrities or recognized scientists – those who aren’t resourced with million dollar yachts or cutting edge technology. But those whose commonality is that they are passionate about saving the ocean and are doing something about it. In them, we see the people we strive to be. They represent the best part of ourselves and remind us to live as that better person is entirely achievable.

To my mind, watching Blue is like diving. It is a descent into the unknown. And it does become darker the deeper you go. But we return to the surface, with hope and where it is light. And that first breath we take at the end of the film feels restorative.

There is no time more urgent than the present to protect the natural systems that sustain us. Already the film has inspired a global ocean guardian movement, showing us change is possible if we all work together. Blue is a film I urge you all to engage with and share what you learn with your friends and family. It’s more than mere storytelling for film’s sake. It’s about engaging with the future of our planet and our own fate.

Karina Holden, Director.

The ocean is our planet’s life pulse
Easy to destroy
Impossible to replace